How to get a job in IT: Perfect resume guide for IT job

In today's article, I want to talk about how to prepare the best resume to get a job in IT. Yes, everybody wants to have a job and in order to get a job you have to apply for it, and when you apply for that, the resume is one good thing that you always submit.
So in this article, I will not only talk about it, but I'll also show you what the best resume looks like and for sure I hope many of you can just mould your resume according to that and can proceed and can have a successful job there.

One of the doubts with the beginner is how we can create those good resumes. Now I have got 2 resumes with me and I'll show you what is good and what is not so good. I won't call it bad but it's not so good. OK so now when you apply for a job as a programmer, now don't think like a programmer. Think about who is the person trying to hire. Now the one person who is trying to hire you needs a programmer ok I hope you are very clear about that. If that person is not looking for a programmer probably the job is not for a programmer. The job might be for any 10th-grade student who can just pick up some calls can answer people about why their PC is not working or maybe some support jobs.

I hope you understand that if a job is there for a programmer the person sitting behind the wall needs to understand that we are hiring a programmer and don't worry there are enough people who are pretty much aware that we are hiring a programmer.


Resume 1

So let's look at the resume Shown in the figure below. This is the first resume that we have got here ok so at the top, we have got here. So at the top, we have got the name that's good we always require your name and then got a few address telephone no. , email that's nice, contact information is always good ok and then big objective Aspiring to take a challenging blah blah and pretty much you know that nobody is going to read that and that is why you haven't spent much of the time there you might have already copied it from your friends resume and that template is going around in the entire collage.

I hope I am right and then there is a big box of education. You might have seen that quite a lot of times when your 10 certification, your 12 certification marks, and your college 1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem, and all these things go on. Do you really think anybody cares about that? and pretty much honestly nobody actually looks at that.

And then there are some key skills now. This is where a potential employee is looking up and it says he or she says database skills Oracle, 10g Microsoft ok programming, JB 11, web technologies,, another programming language C, C#, and all of that but where is proof that you know these languages??? Since you have written in your resume how can I be sure that you know C#? You might be saying "Hey!! Take my interview at least or call me up". Do you think that really a potential employee has that much of the time to call every individual submitting these kinds of resumes and check out whether they do have programming skills or not? Probably not and you might have faced that, nobody calls you for that.

Resume 2

Now let me show you another resume there this kind of resume can always get selected there and in this case same happened as well. One of my friends Rahul is doing business with information security related to AI. So he hired this person for an internal. Look at the resume, It says I am a 2nd-year student blah blah and all these things and he knows about the company and he says in the last lines " I would love to be a part of your company to learn and contribute to the company improving security using data and possible usage of AI".

So he has studied about the company and what kind of job this company is doing and he has then applied. So he says I write about my work and learning here. Find my profile app LinkedIn there which is again optional if we wouldn't give the LinkedIn profile then for sure he would have been selected and here is the important Park. "Worried about my coding experience? Check them here and notice again there is a GitHub link there".


So GitHub is again very good and I don't say it should be GitHub, it can be Bitbucket as well but GitHub is much more common. ok so go with the flow he says that "all of his skills that you can check are already on GitHub". So if he knows code and he has got a profile there, it's on GitHub. I hope you get my point that nobody has time to call you up for an interview whether you know this skill or not. Everybody is looking to submit a Portfolio. Whenever we submit a Portfolio to the client or there is a deal that we have to crack up, we don't send "Hey!! Just choose us because we have this team or I work from there, I worked so much of the years". I just say these are my past projects or these are the things that I've done in the past and this is what I can do for you and that's it.

Within three lines I always crackdown on my project because I don't do blah blah stuff. I always take it to my clients like these are the last 10 projects that I've done with people. Check them out and if you think we are the right person give me the job and that's it. Whenever somebody calls me a fork and does a big job about maybe some product that I have to work on as a team member, then I always show them my GitHub. I have a couple of GitHub accounts and based on what kind of people are looking up I just throw my GitHub profile and say "Look, if I can fit in there or not" and that always lands you up in the job.

So, all in all, I'm trying to say is "work on your profile". There is no shortage of projects, you are just making an excuse that "I don't know what kind of projects needs to be done". Create anything, create a shopping cart, an e-commerce website, or whatever you can do with the language you are learning. The whole point is to work on your portfolio, work on your skills, work on your profile and I am pretty sure you will definitely land your dream job.

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How to get job in IT - Perfect resume guide

In today's article I want to talk about how to prepare the best resume to get a job in IT. Yes, everybody wants to have a job and in order to get a job you have to apply for it and when you apply for that, the resume is one good thing that you always submit....

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