How to become a complete back-end developer | Requirements for back-end

In this article, we are gonna talk about complete backend development and in fact, I would like to say that this is going to be a guide for complete modern backend development in 2020. This article is gonna stand up in the future as well because this is kind of a modern approach and walks you through the backend development. Now there are two approaches that we are gonna follow up for the backend development. The number one approach which I will walk you through when I'll just guide you on what are these things and what you need to learn for modern backend development, how it starts, what are Technologies I need to learn, and all these things.

The second approach is rather far more convenient in which I will show you how exactly everything is being done. Including the basics, the programming knowledge, the projects, and everything.

Backend development is really an awesome thing and in fact, I got started as a backend developer too. Now it is really the opposite journey that I am falling up in here because usually people get started with the front-end development. After that, they move onto the back end but I actually started the opposite way and I got started with the back end. It's really awesome.

Now I won't be telling you that hey!! just learn the PHP and you will be done with the backend development because, of course, you are not here for that. You want a much more detailed explanation, of course, it's 2020, and learning just the PHP won't do the job.

Now, Of course, I am not saying that PHP is completely old school but it's really really getting old there. Now, of course, this doesn't mean it does not do the job it can do the job really perfectly and finally. But since you're a beginner still in 2020 that gets you a question that should I be getting started with the modern technologies or really the old-school stable once?

I would say go ahead and get started with the modern ones. Now switching from the modern ones to PHP is pretty fairly easy and if you're looking for a good programming job in the back-end area you should be getting started with the modern technologies.


Ok so let's first get started what is actually the guide to getting started in backend development in 2020? Now I won't be telling you to learn Ruby, I won't be telling you to learn Python or I won't be telling you to learn or PHP. I would say you already know JS and that it's ok if you don't know JavaScript get started with that and that's it.
Now in 2020, JavaScript is doing a lot more than it was originally been designed for and is completely used in the front side and the back end side as well. When we talk about database Technologies there are three essential components, I am not saying these are only three essential components. The three essential components that every backend system should follow up on.

The first to go hand in hand and the last one again it's important. Now the first one is other destructive pages and the login system. Now for any modern backend development/ developer or backend Technology, I expect that this should be the bare minimum basic. The restrictions of some pages which users can only see after login and of course A login system is also required. Now this login system can be via simply Email and password or can be followed up with a mixture of Technology is as login in with Twitter, logging in with Facebook, login in with Google accounts, and a lot more there. So these are two very essential that I looked up if you are becoming a backend developer these are the two very essential things that you must have.

The third one again it's important is connectivity with the database. Obviously, we might want to store tons of things in the database for persistence storage. These are the bare minimum bare basics that every backend developer should learn. So going further now JavaScript was not actually designed in the first case to handle all these things on the server side but now with the recent implementation of JavaScript for example react and node JS. Now it is completely able to do and for me, if you ask me honestly I say that it doesn't make sense to learn hundreds of programming languages for just different kinds of jobs for example for the front end it's jQuery, JavaScript. For back-end PHP,, Python, and Ruby it doesn't make sense to me.

There should be a lot more simple for the programmer so that he can focus more on designing the concept itself rather than focusing on learning the syntax and everything and JavaScript is able to do all of these things. Now for a modern backend developer, I also expect that these are the bare minimum basic but apart from that, I expect him to deal with some kind of modern databases as well. Now one of these things is MongoDB. Now I'm not saying this is the only guy there but this is rather more popular and of course, you should have some basics of MySQL but if you don't have that it also can work ok as well because we talking about the modern things in here and for a modern backend developer Mongo DB is one of the things that you should be looking at for learning all these things.

Now apart from that since you might be learning or getting a job in some high-end company or higher-end startups as well and they use a lot of complete online dedicated backend services as well. One of the great names in such a thing is Firebase. Now yes there is competition with the parse as well which you can host on Amazon Web Servers but let's talk about that in some other articles. Right now firebase is the most popular thing in here so every backend developer is expected to have a little bit of knowledge on how to deal with the database of firebase, how he can store images in audio on firebase as well as to apply some login system as well.



Now and another important aspect of the Modern era of kind of startup thing is Auth0 as well. Auth0 is a service that simplifies your login system, login with Google accounts, firebase, or integration with Firebase or maybe account log in with GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts, or whatever you can think of. These are a few essential things that you might want to learn. Now I know this is quite a lot of learning things but the back end is not like that. This was approach number one.

If you remember that I talked about the two approaches the one in which I just tell you the things and you just walk your own things. So now approach number 2 is, I am giving you the 3 most popular framework names which you can learn or you should start learning with.
1. React JS
3. Angular JS

The idea behind the learning process with javascript is pretty straightforward. You can develop a full-stack website using 2 approaches. And these 2 approaches are the most popular approaches which are trending in 2020. So here are the 2 approaches:

1. MEAN - MongoDb + Express + Angular + NodeJS
2. MERN - MongoDb + Express + React + NodeJS

So the only difference between MEAN & MERN is React vs Angular and most of the people are puzzles between these 2. So if you want to analyze the comparison between React and Angular then you can check out this article :

React Vs Angular

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