How to learn programming: How to learn to code

Today we are going to talk about how to learn to program. That is a very difficult question and a lot of people are actually stuck with this. They really want to code, they want to design there an app, maybe a website, maybe a web application, or maybe software but everyone is stuck with one problem.
How To Learn To Code?

It's a tricky answer and also a tricky question should get a tricky answer. But again just like all other articles, I'll be completely honest with you about how to learn to code. So stick with me.
I get a lot of emails and most of them say a lot of time - Sir, I want to learn to code. I am really interested in that I have no idea which language should I start with. I have no idea how to do that but still, I want to learn to code but I'm not able to do so.
Some of them say that I am learning programming for a couple of days but I am not getting good at that, so what is actually the procedure to learn to code?
So let's discuss that.


First of all, I started my programming with C because it was in my curriculum in college in the BTech days. Yes, I am an engineer and let's just not talk about that. So I started with C and failed badly.
The first code that I had written and believed this is the point here that when you will ask a lot of experience programmers about their first code, They will say I wrote "Hello world", first I wrote "Tic Tac Toe" program but what I wrote, first of all, was a program full of errors.

I'm not proud of that but yes that is true. I wrote a simple hello world program that was complete with the bugs, a lot of semi-colons were missing, curly braces were missing and it took me about a day, an entire day to solve all those problems. But you know what's important behind that, "I didn't leave the programming". I stuck with that for a whole day and solved my problem and finally, I was having a "hello world" out there. So the key Idea behind learning programming is to stick with it. You will not learn programming in a day, in a week, in a month maybe not in a year but what you have to do is stick with it.

There will be situations where you will be not able to solve the problem, you might be feeling comfortable with declaring the variables but not using them. You might be feeling comfortable with entirely variable declaration and the uses but not with the functions, maybe not with the loops.



Eventually, with time, you will feel comfortable and your area of the topics in the programming will expand out there. Like, first of all, you will get comfortable with variables and floats like that, and then you will get comfortable with if-else and then functions then loops and finally you will be able to declare the classes, objects, polymorphism, inheritance. But the whole idea is stuck with it.

Problems will be there, challenges will be there. Programming is not about learning the syntax of C OR Java OR maybe Swift. It's about learning the approach. If I just say to myself, how much time will it take to go from Swift to PHP, maybe a couple of days?

Because at the end of the day, it's just about loops, it's just about functions and it's just about the syntax of declaring the things. But how I solve a problem always remains the same. So how do I solve the problem of finding an even number or odd number is almost exactly the same in Swift, Python, in PHP in the sea.... the syntax actually where is the whole logic behind it always remains the same.

Concluding into Steps

So Number one Goal is
Stick with it
Number two is just look out for the code sometimes it's not easy to get the code at first but keep around looking. Stackoverflow is always the best friend of the programmer. So stay a lot of time on that and on top of everything once you are comfortable and you just one language for the starting days maybe for 6 months of a year. Because you will get comfortable with the syntax over time and once you have done that.

Then decide a goal for yourself. Like you want to build a Tic Tac Toe or maybe a web application that takes the email or maybe a simple number guessing game or anything like that so take a goal and stick with it.

Now a lot of people will say that the programming language is equally important. Yes, I do agree if you will try to design an iOS application in Java you will fail badly or it will try to design an Android app in swift you will fail badly but that's a talk for another day that what programming language should I choose for what platform that's another day talk.

Right now the important part is Stick with it and decide a goal for yourself. It's up to you & only to you how much time you take and how much effort you are putting into solving that problem to achieve your goal. So make sure that you complete your goal.

I still remember that I want to design a simple to-do application in IOS and it took me over a month to just completely finish that application with the polished icons. So in the meantime process, I had to learn a little bit of the designing, a lot of the swift which was eventually new from the very first time I am following the swift. So the language is new, there are no online resources available, not much help. A lot of functions like swipe gestures create a problem for me but still, what I did, I stuck with that. I was completely there with the language, and didn't cheat out every single day was into solving the problem & which is important.

Summary & Tips

Ok , So all of you got the answer that how to learn to code let me summarise that quickly. So the first thing that you have to do is get a good language maybe c, python, Java anything. Once you have taken that search for a good IDE as well now I have a plan that I'll make a separate article on IDE uses as well, how to choose the best IDE. It should always be a good approach but if you always write your C code in the turbo, that's a bad idea. You should be writing code on good platforms. Just choose a good IDE for yourself and save some time and once you have done that get comfortable with the syntax. It will take a lot of time and once you have done that look around for the codes that other people have written
and try to follow their approach that how they have tackled the problem and solved that.

Finally, decide a goal for yourself that you want to build and that can be anything like a billing system, a Hospitality system, or maybe a simple tic-tac-toe game a hello world or a greeting, or a simple program that simply greets you at 9:00 a.m.,12:00 o'clock, and 6:00 p.m. anything just like that you know. So decide a goal and make sure that you finish that goal, that's the only way to learn to program there is no shortcut there is nothing you can skip.

Give it some time and eventually, it will come. It's not about the syntax, it's not about the language.

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