5 Tips to build programming Logic | How to get better in Programming Logic

In this article, I want to discuss something awesome and something important. This question has been in my email for a long time and a lot of people just asked this question. The question is very simple "How I can get better at programming logic or building logic"

So in this article, I'll give you 5 awesome tips so that you can get better at solving logic. Now the very first thing that you need to understand before we move on and proceed with the 5 tips is that the more experience you will have, the better programmer you will become. In case you are thinking that the person who is teaching me to code online or offline on the book is far better than me then it's true because he has spent pretty much more a huge amount of time compared to you in the programming world. And he has faced a lot more problems than you, so that is why he is becoming better.

A simple example that I would like to give you is, can you write a program for finding odd and even between 0 and 100? For the first time it was probably tough, the second time it was comparatively easy for the first time. But on the 10th time, it became just like a breeze you just flow threw it but yes the first time it was very tough. So what I am trying to say here is experience is the key and experience comes with a bad experience so it's a kind of the chain.

So let's start our 5 Awesome tips to improve your programming logic-building skills.

1. Keep Moving ON

In number one, I would like to keep "keep moving on". The moment you have just understood what I am trying to say is that it is the very first step of building logic. When I say keep moving on I say that once you solved a problem don't just repeat it too many times. 2 or 3 times is ok but don't repeat it too much out.

For example, you are learning how you can find odd or even number, just write it to 2 or 3 times and just keep moving on. The more will you try to stick on there, this the bad thing that everybody does just keep on staring at the code and they don't understand it. Sometimes they do but sometimes they don't.
What I am saying is to keep moving on and try to face as many problems as you can.

2. Face New Problems

Please try to face new problems every single day. Every day is a new day and you need to face new problems of programming every single day. If you will just keep printing the odd and even numbers throughout the week that doesn't make sense and you should face more problems.
Problems like making an app, like missing the keyboard, bringing back the keyboard, or taking input from the user. Just learn new things every day. This is one of the most important parts because it gives you more exposure to real-life problems and will help you to write code and solve these problems. So definitely keep moving and the second point is to face new problems every day.

3. Analyze other's code

3rd thing that I want to share is to keep staring at the code that others have written. So have a look into the code that other people have written sometime it might be a little bit daunting thing. There is a stock of code on GitHub so that you can understand how the people are writing this code and how the people are using their skills in such problems.

Sometimes you can even take those methods and can just modify & adjust that in your code as well. But it's one of the best ways of learning programming skills. Probably you are doing and you are finding the same solution for the same problem in a manner that solves the problem actually in a tougher way but other people who were/are doing it are much more experienced and have done that in an easier manner.

So always and always look into other people's codes on GitHub through various open-source libraries and tons of other things on which you can look up the people's code.

4. Use StackOverflow

The number 4 tip to improve your logic building is to look at the Holy Grail of programmers community the Stackoverflow. It is a website where all the programmers hang out regardless of whether they are a fan of Java Swift js Python or whatever the programming languages are there. This is a very kind community and chances are high that 99% of the time the problem you are looking out for is already posted down there and a lot of experienced programmers have already provided the solution there.

Based on the voting system the solution to the problem gets high votes & low votes. Most of the time the first answer is going to be with the highest votes and is probably the best solution for your problem.
Don't be the kind of person who just post everything on any website, don't be like that because Stackoverflow is a community where you search for your problems and Probably there are high chance that your problem is already being mentioned there.
Also, try to search on to Google as well because this is a programming community and you should respect that not if you are not able to install let's just say Android Studio and you just post "Hey! I am not able to install Android Studio". These questions get discarded there.

So respect the community a little bit it's a very kind community if you are really facing some problems and or not able to find a solution on their do post your questions their people are really kind there and you will get really good solutions within a couple of days (and that is the maximum I am saying).

5. Make Projects

Number 5 of building logic is the most important not the least and it's the most important i.e. "working on the projects". If you will just keep spending all of your time in just writing the code for finding odd and even or printing those Pizza patterns, you will never get better at programming. One of the key aspects that a lot of people mess with and just eventually lead the programming is building up some real-life good projects.

For that, you have to make yourself move into different kinds of programming languages but that's ok because, at the end of the day, they are just programming languages. They just help you to solve some problems. So try to move on to a different language and try to build up some good projects. Maybe you want to build an Android app, the median iOS app, or maybe a web application or whatever the case is.

Then just try to build some meaningful and big-scale projects, maybe a system that gives you movie ratings or something that suggests movies or anything just make sure you deal up with those projects. These projects will give you exposure to how are the workflow of building a project goes on and this is the most important, without this you can never become a good person who is solving logic pretty easily.

So when it comes to solving the logic project I think probably is the most important part and I will rank it at number 1 so that people can understand that "yes, it is important". A lot of Institutes Universities and colleges just teach the basic bare minimum Syntax and don't focus on the project. So the project is important and you should actually take those online classes which walk you through along with him to build all those projects and APPs. This is super important and I hope you will understand the importance of making projects.

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