Best Laptop For Programming - Criteria to choose best laptop for programming

There are two types of articles, one which I like to write and a second which I like to read, usually, they overlap with each other. This is not that article & I am totally fine that probably there is a high chance that you are not gonna like this article. It's ok, the most common question that everybody who makes programming videos or blogs gets is "What laptop should I buy for programming" My usual recommendation is to go ahead and buy a MacBook Pro. Which is not really a very cheap device. It is expensive and I do agree that not everybody can afford it.

Some people just take the recommendation but others just say that I cannot afford this I totally understand, can I buy a MacBook Air and my reply to that usually is yes. It is definitely much much better than the whole Windows device because of the software compatibility.

When you are buying a 300cc bike, don't expect to be a fat boy Harley Davidson. Then the stuff that comes up says I just don't want to buy any MacBook and can I buy a Windows laptop I would say 100%, you are not facing any problem in the Windows machine. You will be able to do all of your REACT, ANGULAR, MACHINE LEARNING, PYTHON, RUBY, PHP whatever you really want to do you can actually do it. And in case you are worried about the machine learning path will I be able to train my models on it? "NO, you won't be", that you cannot do even on MacBook.

Usually, such things are done in the cloud and to access the cloud you just need a browser. So it's totally fine in that case. The longest thing that comes always up "Can I do gaming on this laptop ??" Obviously, you are missing the point that you are trying to hide your agenda and you are trying to say I want to buy a laptop for gaming but I also want to do programming, They are completely separate things.

Here Is My Point

If you want to buy any laptop for programming, any laptop with 8GB of Ram and a decent graphic card, and if possible, it is right to have an SSD, and its works absolutely like a rocket. But programming is not as intensive as in general.
In this entire article, I am not giving you an affiliate link, that this is my recommended exact model number and that's the reason why a lot of people are gonna mad at this article, That why are you not giving me the exact model number? what's the point of this article?

I do have a very strong point here. Let me tell you that. Now listen to my point very carefully. What is your budget for buying the laptop whether it is 50000 rupees, a thousand Dollars, or $2,000? Keep that budget aside first and foremost. Now take out $300 or let's just say 20000 rupees out of the budget and just buy the laptop with the remaining amount of money. The reason why I am saying this is no matter how good the laptop you buy, it doesn't really matter unless you know how to use that laptop. You just buy the most expensive machine and then you don't have the money to buy some good books, some good courses, and some hosting services or maybe some software plans that can actually enrich your experience.
I think there is no point in buying the most expensive device and then don't know how to use it. I am not saying that go ahead and just buy my courses, no I am not saying, that's not the point. Just buy from whoever is your favorite instructor or buy the best book whoever the author is, or buy the services from Adobe, Godaddy whoever is your favorite doesn't really matter. But the point is you are buying the best of the best machine but you are spending and trying to just reach out to these companies and sending me messages and hundreds of other instructors that "hey! Your $10 course is expensive", "hey! your $20 course is expensive"

Now you don't understand the point that you have to spend so much money buying a laptop you could have saved a little and could have worked up on your skills and then could have earned more and probably the next big machine that you want to get is MacBook Air and that's not really far away if you start earning. So make sure that you understand this point. It's almost similar that I am buying the best of the best camera that comes out next year or next month and I don't know how to shoot photos, what good is the camera can do for me ?? ....absolutely zero!!.

I know you are spending a whole lot of time trying to find out the alternative to Photoshop, and are trying to get that course for free somehow by messaging the Constructor, and its nothing wrong with that I am not advocating anybody here. But my point is maybe you can spend just a few bucks on that subscription to Photoshop or maybe on that course and somebody is looking for the services which you could have made at that time. You could have designed that amazing logo for your app that might be eye-catching for a potential employee who might be hunting for search services.

I am not advocating anybody but, stop wasting your time in trying to search for the best laptop. Everybody wants to get the best out of the money there is nothing wrong with that. But make sure you spend a little bit of time separating the money so that you can buy the best services and the best course that you really want and that can speed up your process. So make sure you also consider that.

This is the best advice that I really want to give. So just stop hunting for the best laptop. Just Buy whatever is near to you and whatever you can grab and save some money. I am pretty sure that with your skills very soon you can get hired as a freelancer or maybe as a professional Geek or maybe even as its job and very soon you will be able to buy the laptop which you really want to buy. Don't worry too much, it's gonna be alright.

So just buy any laptop with 8GB of RAM and replace its hard disk by purchasing an SSD or an NVME PCIe later. It will work like hell and you will be thankful to me for this advice.

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