Why Django - All you need to know about Django framework | Features of Django

Django is a Python-based web development framework. It is free and open-source. Django is gaining popularity day by day since it was introduced (in 2005). Django is a high-level Python Web framework. You can build any type of web application by using Django. There are many web frameworks built-in in Python like Flask, Bottle, web2py, and Django itself.

Django is a full-stack web framework, whereas Flask, Bottle, and Web2py are micro and lightweight web frameworks. The features provided by Django help developers build large and complex web applications.

Some famous web apps developed with Django

Here is a list of some famous websites which are built with django. You can click these links if you want to visit any of the platform listed below.

1. Instagram
2. Spotify
3. YouTube
4. Dropbox
5. Mozilla
6. Pinterest
7. Quora
8. NASA Official Website


Features of Django:

Features of any technology can tell us what it is best suitable for, whenever we learn some new technology it is due to a reason. There are lots of reasons to learn Django. And, through this Django tutorial, we will tell you what Django has solved and what it is doing best.

1. Excellent Documentation :

Great documentation is one of the main reasons to start learning the Django framework. If we compare Django with other open-source technologies, it provides the best documentation in the web development field.
Django has been the best framework for documentation from 2005 to the present date, and the documentation has only been getting better with the active development of technology. The documentation is also offered in different languages.

2. SEO Optimised :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as from the name means adding your website to the search engine so that it appears in the top results. Django uses the method of maintaining the websites through URLs instead of the IP addresses on the server, which makes it easy for SEO optimization.


3. Python web framework:

Python is a powerful language. It is also one of the main reasons people started learning Django. On the other hand, Python is currently the most popular language among all languages. It is very easy to learn.
We can use this language in almost anything from web development to machine learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence and everything in between. These features allow Python and thus Django to be the most powerful, efficient, and easy-to-learn framework than others.

4. High Scalability:

Scalability means that at what level, our technology gets to implement. For bigger websites like Instagram or YouTube, there are lots of active users (in millions) who generate data in huge amounts (terabytes of data/day). This kind of scope requires a system or application to be very precise and error-free.
Django is ideal for anyone who wants to make websites error-free and scalable.

5. Offers High Security 

Django is very secure. For example, Django provides csrf_tokens for secure form submission On the other hand, Django's developers community helps the users to keep the website secure by enhancing the security features from time to time.

6. Rapid Development

Rapid development means that we won’t require good backend knowledge to make a website. We will also not ask to create separate server files to frame the database and connect the same. Django handles this work and a lot of other tasks itself. We won’t need to create extra files for each task. These features make the website development process very fast.

7. Database management 

Django comes with a Sqlite database which is lightweight and fast. Well if the website is large we can also use other databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. although you do not have to install any extra database like MySQL for developing the website. We use the inbuilt Sqlite (it makes things so much easy).
It is not required to write SQL commands to create tables. The tables in the database are created by using Python commands (models) & this is the thing that I personally like the most about Django. This means you only require a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Python (basic requirements) to create a website using Django.

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