How to compress image size before saving to the database in Django | image optimization using PILLOW/PIL - Python

Images are the stuff that makes a webpage heavy. One should always try to keep the images optimized for a good page speed index. You may find several different ways on the internet to compress the image size before saving it to the database. Some developers use very complicated ways for solving this issue.
Today I will provide the 2 easiest solutions for this problem.

NOTE: In Python, the name you use to install something e.g. from open-cv, using pip, is not necessarily the same as the name you use to import it.

The pillow is one such case, you use pip install pillow it for installing the package but you use import PIL. That's because Pillow is just a repackaged, updated version of PIL, the original maintainers of the PIL stopped working on it a long time ago. PIL hasn't been updated since 2009.

Method 1

If you are uploading the image using the form, then you can use this method. I am making a function that takes 2 arguments. The first one is the image itself and the second is an integer value i.e. the required quality ( from 1 to 100 ).
You can remove the second argument from the function if you want a default quality value for all images. Just put some constant integer value from 1 to 100 for quality.

Example: Use request.FILES.get('image') as image value/argument if you are uploading an image in a POST request (i.e. using the form). On the other hand, if you are passing the image from the database then use object.image.path.

The .path gives the path of the file.

uploading image in POST request

Method 2

Here is another method to compress the image size automatically when the model's class object is saved. The " save " function as shown in the example below will take the image and override the original image by compressing its size as per your requirement. This method is an alternative to the first one. You can do something like this :

override the original image by compressing its size automatically


If you are using forms to upload images, then you should use the first method. On the other hand if the number of images are quite big it will be more complex to use the second method.
If you are using the Django admin app to store images then you have no choice i.e. you have to use the second method.

Both of the above methods are easy and tested, you can just copy the code & feel free to make changes.
A feedback to this post will be highly appreciated .

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