React vs Angular | Which is better - Angular or React

To be honest it's not really fair that we compare apples with oranges. But who told you that world is a fair place? Today we are gonna compare Angular with React . Now there is a very specific thing that you should know before reading this article, this article is not about corporate. I know and I can understand you might be having very specific need very specific benchmarking and performance issue that you really want to solve. But this article is not about corporate, this article is about students.

Because students are in a problem they want to figure out which one is best for them and which one they can get started, what problems to expect what problems not to expect. Also, I do have preferences in this article and you are totally allowed to disagree with my preference that totally 100% fine. But if you ask me tea or coffee I have a preference over tea you might be a big coffee fan but Coffee Works for me as well. So I do have a preference keep that in mind. Usually, Sach articles end with "it depends" but this article got some answers for you. So lets talk about React vs Angular .
First and foremost prerequisites.
In the React side there is no much of prerequisites if you know JavaScript and i am not talking about the basics of JavaScript. You should be decent in JavaScript. But there is no apart groundbreaking thing or a new thing that you have to learn. Surely there are new concepts but as a prerequisite, I would say if you know your JavaScript well that's it, that's all you got to need for getting started with React .

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Best Laptop For Programming - Criteria to choose best laptop for programming

There are two types of articles, one which I like to write and second which you like to read, usually they overlap with each other. This is not that article & I am totally fine that probably there are high chances that you are not gonna like this article. It's ok, the most common question that everybody who makes programming video or blogs gets is "what laptop should I buy for programming" and my usual recommendation is to go ahead and buy a MacBook Pro. Which is not really a very cheap device. It is expensive and I do agree that not everybody can afford it.

Some people just take the recommendation but others just say that I cannot afford this I totally understand, can I buy a MacBook Air and my reply to that usually is yes. It is definitely much much better than the whole of Windows device because of the software compatibility.

When you are buying a 300cc bike, don't expect to be a fat boy Harley Davidson. Then the stuff that comes up says I just don't want to buy any MacBook and can I buy a Windows laptop and I would say 100%, you are not be facing any problem in the windows machine. You will be able to do all of your REACT, ANGULAR, MACHINE LEARNING, PYTHON, RUBY, PHP whatever you really want to do you can actually do it. And in case you are worried about machine learning path that will I be able to train my models on it? "NO, you won't be", that you cannot do even on MacBook.

Usually, such things are done in the cloud and to access the cloud you just need a browser. So it's totally fine in that case. The longest thing that comes always up "can I do gaming on this laptop ??" Obviously you are missing the point that you are trying to hide your agenda and you are trying to say I want to buy a laptop for gaming but I also want to do programming, They are completely separate things.

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Language detection & translation using python | How to translate text from one language to other

There are many ways to translate one language into another one. Some people may suggest machine learning, deep learning or may build some neural networks to translate one language to another language.
But if you don't want to go deep in coding then google is always there for us. We can translate any language i.e known language in this world into other languages by the help of google.

Today i am going to show you how you can detect any language text and how you can translate any language text into another language. For this purpose i will tell you two methods. You can use any one you like. I will keep the process step by step to make a clear understanding .

1) Method 1 - Textlblob
2) Method 2 - Google Translate

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Fixing - image not showing in django template - media and static configuration in Django

If you are creating your first project using Django or if you are using static content first time then you may definitely face the image displaying issue. To pass the static content (images in our case) to Django template we have to make proper settings in and (or maybe some other) files.
Today I am going to teach you how you can fix all the issues which pop-ups during rendering the images or static files. I will keep this tutorial step by step to make clear understating.

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Fixing NoReverseMatch error - What is NoReverseMatch exception in django

The NoReverseMatch error is an indication that Django is unable to find a matching URL pattern. Thus, the NoReverseMatch exception in Django is related to URL configuration.

If we are not passing arguments in URLs then it is super easy to handle the requests i.e routing the request from rendered template to view's function through URL.
But the problem arises when we have to pass arguments in URLs. If you are new in web development field (using Django framework) then I am sure you will definitely stick with NoReverseMatch error even for a single instance. This is so annoying and easy to solve as well if you understand the concept logically.

So today I am going to teach you how you can solve NoReverseMatch error in Django. Just follow this article and at the end of the day you will be able to understand the concept of NoReverseMatch exception and the solution as well.

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