What is Machine Learning : Fundamentals & How to learn it

In this article we will talk about machine learning, what is machine learning? and how we can get started in machine learning. The terms machine learning and AI artificial intelligence is closely related and it's not wrong to say that the abstraction level of between these two words is a fairly thin line and they can be interchangeably used. But when I say machine learning or artificial intelligence what most of the people think is the same old Terminator movie. You think that there is gonna be some tx9000 machine that comes from the future is going to destroy entire humanity. You start panicking and you just think that there is not gonna any need of programmers in the future and a lot of theories like that.

Hold down there, this is not actually a fictional movie. If this could have been true, we should stop testing with the gamma rays because it can generate a hulk and we should stop looking into space because we may find aliens and that may come to the Earth. There might be a Thor coming up to save all of you and there might be Spider-Man roaming around and who knows there might be a Batman too.

So hold your horses we need to talk a lot about machine learning and what actually it is.

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How to become a complete back-end developer | Requirements for back-end

In this article we are gonna talk about the complete backend development and in fact, I would like to say that this is going to be a guide for complete modern backend development in 2020. This article is gonna stand up in the future as well because this is kind of a modern approach and walking you through with the backend development. Now there are two approaches that we are gonna follow up for the backend development. The number one approach in which I will walk you through when I'll just guide you what are these things and what you need to learn for the modern backend development, how it starts, what are the Technologies that I need to learn and all these things.

The second approach is rather far more convenient in which I will show you how exactly everything is being done. Including the basics, the programming knowledge, the projects and everything.

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How to Code Faster - Efficient way of writing HTML and CSS

In this article, I walk you through how we can write faster HTML and CSS code. Now I can understand your frustration that as a beginner or intermediate level of web developer it's kind of a hard thing. At first, it looks yeah!! we need to learn syntax about open up the HTML tag, close the HTML tag, open the head tag, close the head tag and so and so forth.

Sometimes it's a little bit frustrating as you move on into other web development skill because you already know that every tag needs to be closed there and these tags are sometimes time-consuming. One of the very classic examples is you have a paragraph and I want to fill that paragraph with some filler text. You move on to the lorem ipsum text you copy the text and paste into your paragraph tag. Yes, it does the job and its ok, its completely fine but it's a little bit less productive. You can be a little bit more efficient in writing webdev code.

So in this article I'll give you one simple productivity hack so that you can write your HTML and CSS code a lot more faster.

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How to learn programming : How to learn to code

Today we are going to talk about how to learn to program ? That is a very difficult question and a lot of people are actually stuck with this. They really want to code, they want to design there an app, maybe a website, maybe a web application or maybe a software but everyone is stuck with one problem.
How To Learn To Code ?

It's a tricky answer and also a tricky question should get a tricky answer. But again just like all other articles, I'll be completely honest with you about how to learn to code. So stick with me.
I get a lot of emails and most of them say a lot of time - Sir, I want to learn to code. I am really interested in that I have no idea which language should I start with. I have no idea how to do that but still, I want to learn to code but I'm not able to do so.
Some of them say that I am learning programming from a couple of days but I am not getting good in that, so what is actually the procedure to learn to code.
So let's discuss that.

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What is NoSQL - NoSQL vs Relational database

In this article we are talking about NoSQL. Yes I know many of you may have already heard the term NoSQL and when you first time you have Googled it and you have given us search result that says Not Only SQL and it's the perfectly correct term these kinds of databases has to evolve in the recent years and they are a little bit different from our conventional relational database type.

These are the newer ones but there is a lot more that you need to understand about them. In order to understand what actually is NoSQL, why has evolved and what kind of benefit it provides us. We need to go back into the time there was just only one type of databases i.e the relational type. Conventional SQL a relational database or result of years of hard work, best practices and decades of stress testing that has been done on these databases.

They are designed for a reliable transaction and proper structure of data that needs to be stored in them. This so much of the rigidness of the proper structure of storing the data as well as so much reliability on the successful transaction of any query that you are making has also given birth to some of the limitations that are actually in the relational databases.

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