How to Make a Website - Everything you should know about web development

After reading this article you will never ever search for web development guide neither on Google nor on YouTube. I will cover all the basics to advance stuff related to web development. So this article is for beginners as well as intermediate programmers who don't know about web development but they want to dive into this web development world.

Many of you may hear some names related to web development field like PHP, Django, WordPress, Node Js, React Js or Bootstrap etc. Yes, you are right. All these terms are from the web development field. Don't worry about all these things and don't think too much. I will keep the things as simple as possible (As I always do) to make this tutorial helpful to you.

So leave all your worries aside, just keep calm and I am pretty sure at the end of this article you will have a huge basic knowledge about web development. I will explain all those famous terms that are used in web development. So just bare with me.

Before going to the technical terms, first let me explain the basic structure of a website. We can divide a website's structure into 2 main parts :
1. Front end
2. Back end

The Front end is the part which the client machine renders i.e the part which is accessed by users through a browser. You are reading this article on your mobile/PC/Tablet etc. So this is the Front end of my website. The front end may consist of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap etc. which are discussed in next section below.
Now, talking about the Back end, the back end is the server-side part. This is the part where data manipulations occur as per client requests. For example, you send request to this website's server through a URL to access this article and the back end part of website provides you with the requested data in response. Python, Java, Javascript, PHP are the examples of server-side languages.

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What is Javascript - Features and usages

I'm kind of a person who always likes to get started by installing the things & writing some code. I love that but this time JavaScript requires a little bit of the theoretical basic so that we can understand what things we are learning, how hard and powerful it is and where they can be applied.
To be answering 3 based questions here first and foremost what is JavaScript? and where it can be applied? The second important question is, what is the difference between Java and JavaScript and yes we are still doing that question. And the third thing is what is this ES6, ES7 in javascript. All these terms which every new beginners here is quite a lot but don't even have a single thought about what actually it means and why it is being talked quite a lot with JavaScript. The first let's get started with JavaScript.

Now it amuses me a little bit when I ask any experienced programmer who has been working quite a lot but haven't touched the JavaScript or hasn't been involved in the JavaScript news lately and he just says it's just the client language or client-side language and although he is technically totally correct that's not it. JavaScript can be and is a lot more than what it used to be. JavaScript was designed simply to run in a browser but it is doing a lot more than the time that you have the memory of that.

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Top 5 Interview Questions : Tips for HR round

In this article we are talking about the most famous HR questions and the mind-set to answer those HR questions. First, let's get into the context here now let's assume you are preparing for an interview here. You have already prepared for the skills that are required in a company. Obviously, if that company is working on Python maybe JavaScript, node JS, angular or anything else and you have already prepared for that.

Now I have previously talk about the steps like aptitude test and these coding interviews and all that. But there is one more essential interview which usually happens in almost all of the company is HR round. Now luckily for us, this HR round is pretty simple to crackdown & it's pretty easy especially for programmers. But here is an essential thing that everybody should know. If HR person says that this guy is not gonna fit & that's it you are out from the company. Regardless of how much kills you are having or whatever the things are, if HR round or the HR guys says now that's a complete NO.

So let's talk about what should be the mindset of the common HR questions that every programmer in fact everybody should have. Here are the top 5 questions for that you should prepare your mindset for interviews.

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How to get job in IT : Perfect resume guide for IT job

In today's article I want to talk about how to prepare the best resume to get a job in IT. Yes, everybody wants to have a job and in order to get a job you have to apply for it and when you apply for that, the resume is one good thing that you always submit.
So in this article, I will not only talk about it, but I'll also show you what the best resume looks like and for sure I hope many of you can just mould your resume according to that and can proceed and can have a successful job there.

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Programming vs coding | difference between programming and coding

Obviously this article is going to be short. Today I want to answer a question, the question was put up to a random chat when I was doing with the student on Instagram and She asked me the question that what is the difference between programming and coding?
Although these are very similar term, very interchangeably used at almost any given context. But still, they do have their some differences that I can point out.

It's almost like saying that I write my notes on a piece of paper and somebody is saying I write my notes on a page. Although we do understand that by a piece of paper and page they really want to say the same thing and convey the same thought, that is true, that is ok but still, they are interchangeably used. Similar to that programming and coding is interchangeable used and we do use them but there are certain difference I actually can point out behind these things.

One of my main recommendations is not to go into too much of these things because they are very very exploratory you can explore them like quite in-depth and ultimately you'll find eventually I am trying to get the answer to the questions like "What's the meaning of life/", "how I can evolve?" and all these things. So it's pretty easy to get lost in these thoughts but still I would like to convey some other things about programming and Coding.

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