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"If you want to be a Lion... you Must have to train by a Lion"
About Us
myway4u is a resource blog platform -
here you will find the solutions of the problems listed below :

1. Problems faced by new/beginner django developers .
2. Tips and tricks for Python code optimization.
3. Problems related to installation (i.e software/hardware installation problems).
4. Full stack web development problems.
5. General programming issues.

myway4u's Online Tools :
We have created some online tools which are totally free & fast. Here is the description of these tools -

Image Optimization Tool -
The online image optimization tool uses fast and quality efficient algorithms.You can perform following operations using this tool -

(a) Compressing image size upto your required quality level.
(b) Convert image format.
(c) Resize an image.
(d) GIF maker - the GIF maker take more than 1 image as input to generate GIF file as per your quality and duration requirement.

Founder myway4u was founded by Hemant Malik, who is persuing his master's degree in Electronics & Communication. He has a great knowledge of Full stack web development using Django, Software and hardware installation/testing issues fixing. At this present date – he is operating several niche blogs and working on developing more online tools like documents format conversion,corrupt image's quality ehancing etc.

Vision In the beginning of his journey, Hemant faced lots of trouble with finding right information and guidance towards getting started, and he knows the feelings of beginners when there is no one to help! So he decided to share the experiences – which worked out for him and could help beginners to solve the issues they are facing.