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Top 5 Interview Questions : Tips for HR round

In this article we are talking about the most famous HR questions and the mind-set to answer those HR questions. First, let's get into the context here now let's assume you are preparing for an interview here. You have already prepared for the skills that are required in a company. Obviously, if that company is working on Python maybe JavaScript, node JS, angular or anything else and you have already prepared for that.

Now I have previously talk about the steps like aptitude test and these coding interviews and all that. But there is one more essential interview which usually happens in almost all of the company is HR round. Now luckily for us, this HR round is pretty simple to crackdown & it's pretty easy especially for programmers. But here is an essential thing that everybody should know. If HR person says that this guy is not gonna fit & that's it you are out from the company. Regardless of how much kills you are having or whatever the things are, if HR round or the HR guys says now that's a complete NO.

So let's talk about what should be the mindset of the common HR questions that every programmer in fact everybody should have. Here are the top 5 questions for that you should prepare your mindset for interviews.

Question 1 So very number 1 the tricky question is
what is your weakness?
Now obviously the HR guys not expecting to say "hey!! I don't come on time to the office" of course these are not weaknesses, these are the things you should never tell an HR Guy. Basically the mindset is, how a person can react when somebody is pointing out your mistakes. So obviously you have to tell up a little bit kind of a flaw in your life but not make it a flaw. You have to come up with a very clever idea so that you put up your flaw but also make sure that it represents simply quality in itself as well. Really really tricky to answer.

Now I'm not trying to feed you up with the spoon-feeding here with those answers but one good answer can be "I concentrate on one thing at a time". Now the problem here is you are just concentrating on one thing but that also a good thing you are very concentrated here so again this can be one of the many answers that you want to have. But again the mind-set should be you are pointing out one mistake but that is not a mistake that is an advantage here.

Question 2 Next up is here even more tricky question.
Reason behind leaving your past job.
Now of course I am planning up to just do this particular article for absolute beginners but sometimes these questions are being thrown up.

Now the people sometimes just answer that "I want an upgrade in salary". This is the most worst answer you can give. Never ever do that. It would be much better if you just present something like "I want to enhance my skills, I am looking for better opportunities in life". This is a much better answer as compared to saying that Hey!! I am looking for more upgrades in the salary and all these things. Yes, of course, we know that most people do switch because of an upgrade in the salary but HR guys don't like that. So please don't mention that.

Question 3 Next one is probably the most asked question to me and a lot of people just email me to find a solution for that. The question is
Why have you been unemployed for a long time?
Now there are a variety of reasons that some people like to get a gap or somehow they have got a gap in their studies as well as getting onto the job. Sometimes you don't get a job for years, sometimes you are working on something else, family problems in your health and all these things.

Now the worst thing that you can do is mentioned that "I was suffering from health problem". HR guys don't want anybody in their company who is week. Now yes, of course, that's a bad thing because sometimes these health issues and not under your control but remember this, that is a business going on and everything for that HR guy is a business priority and HR don't want to hire somebody who is facing some health issues and probably can be a trouble for the company later on.

So it's a good idea not to mention your health problems. In fact, the better answer could be you can simply say "I have to get enrolled myself in some personality development things or I was doing freelancing work and all these things". Usually, the freelancing thing is much more appreciated because HR guys know that you are not out of your form, you have been constantly doing the work that for which they are hiring you.
So it's always good to say I was doing some kind of freelancing and I just wanted to work with that. One of the most common thing in any company that will be going on is handling pressures because a lot of time client wants to push you towards the limit and they won't just work to be done properly. May be much faster and obviously there is going to be a lot more pressure on you.

Question 4 HR guys always try to ask you
tell me your ability about working under pressure
Now if you have experience in the past obviously you can mention that "I have already worked in these situations, I can handle myself really nice and even my team. So that could be a really great answer, but for absolute beginners, it can be a really really tricky situation.

One of the best thing that you can answer here is "I'll try to keep myself calm, I will drink a couple of glass of waters and will try to do multitasking". Now this is not just the only answer but this is the mindset that you should be having It's really the trickiest question because this is the situation which everybody faces in the company and you'll be no exception.

Question 5 5th and the most trickiest one of all of this
What is your expectation with this job?
Now obviously if you are gonna say that "Hey! I want to become a multi-millionaire from this job", nobody is going to believe this and it will automatically show up that you haven't prepared for HR interview round. Nobody is expecting you to mention Monetary Funds or monetary advantage here. Although a lot of time it's just a complete lie that most people are saying that in this particular question because obviously the expectation is a good salary and relief life. This is all Expectations but you don't want to mention that in HR round.

I have noticed if somebody says that "I want a personal development as well as reliable future", that is always a good thing and makes a good impact on the HR. When somebody says I want a stable future here that means you are relying on the company and you are totally being dependent on the company. This is the thing that HR guys love to hear.

Tips 1.) With all of these 5 questions, I would also like to mention one more important thing here. I am not a professional HR neither do I have like Rock solid things that I can just present to you. These are all my experience and my thought that I wanted to present to you. Now obviously if you can interact with any HR honestly he or she can also tell you much more detail about the mindset that you should have and of course I would recommend you to get in touch with some guy like that.

Usually, I have also noticed that the HR people are really extra nice to the programming guys because they do understand that programmers are not like too much talkative and too many explainable guys. They just like to work on a computer. So they do show extra kindness to you. Not like the marketing guys and all the sales lead and all these persons. So you can get a little bit reliable on there but again do notice here, do take extra interest in HR interview because if HR interview fails regardless of your skills, regardless of your salary offer you can get out of the company.

2.) The one more thing which I love to mention here is, Just go with the calm mind in the interview. Just chill because this is not the last interview on this planet. A calm mind makes you think smartly and makes you attractive.

I hope that these five questions and answer to these 5 questions have helped you quite a lot to understand the interview process & all these things.

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